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The CIO's Strategy, Without the Salary
10 Critical Points We Can Answer:

Pronotia leverages the decades of experience from our senior IT executives - not career consultants - to maximize all aspects of the Information Technology group while aligning it with your corporate business model.

The result is increased efficiency, reduced expenses and greater controls and visibility into the IT department.

From operations assessments and technical analysis to sourcing solutions and regulatory compliance, Pronotia has the "real world", corporate experience and strategic expertise to optimize your IT operations, improve performance, and reduce IT spend.

Pronotia Adds Value You Can Measure

Comprehensive IT Operations assessment and optimization analysis
- Increased value of the IT spend
- IT expenses are managed and properly allocated
- Productivity increases

Strategic planning, roadmaps, and execution paths
- IT is prepared for growth and provides a new competitive advantage
- IT and business leaders work towards a common, documented vision
- Projects are delivered on time and on budget

Complete metrics, reporting, and analysis tools
- Poor performance areas are identified, reported, and remediated
- Regular reports provide invaluable insight to leaders to help govern IT
- Services and assets are monitored to ensure integrity and compliance

IT budgets, financial analysis, and value proposition - all in partner with CFO
- IT budgets are accurate and measured with industry-standard metrics
- Cost-benefit analysis and allocation methodologies curtail wasteful spend
- Project-based accounting with verifiable ROI analysis for all large initiatives

Resource planning, sourcing strategies, and organizational management
- Staffing solutions and creative programs allow greater staffing flexibility
- IT tasked are properly sourced, reducing costs and increasing performance
- Streamlined staff with no redundancies or gaps - increased productivity

Policies, ITIL, best practices, and regulatory compliance
- Corporate risk and liability is reduced
- Cost-effective,smart compliance with HIPAA, SOX, and other regulations
- Increased efficiency, reduced complexity, and lower operating costs


IT Professional Services - Not Contractors

Contractors perform tactical tasks: website design, PC support, application development, servers and storage - but who monitors, measures, and prioritizes that work? Pronotia professional services provide the experience, knowledge, and comprehensive strategies and methodologies to ensure that every IT dollar spent is providing value-added, long-term solutions.



What is the IT spend as compared to the company's annual revenue? What should it be?

When were the internal or external SLAs / SLOs last reviewed? Are there any ? Are they adding value?

What is the complexity quotient of the IT organization?

When was the last Business Continuity test? Is there a plan? Who last reviewed it?

What is the technology refresh cycle? What should it be?

How much is spent on application development? Is that the right amount?

What is the 12, 24, and 36-month IT Strategy Plan?
Why is it necessary?

What is the IT sourcing strategy? Are we receiving the value and superior service we're paying for?

What IT reports do we receive on a regular basis? Is it enough to govern the IT organization? How can a Balanced Scorecard help?

How do we manage change in our organization? Why is it important?


Pronotia provides direct interaction with our enterprise technology professionals, offering a comprehensive suite of assessments, analyses, and solutions - all geared to pay for themselves through quantifiable metrics in operational efficiency, expense reductions, and revenue growth opportunities. Other services include Staffing Analysis, Sourcing Strategies, Roadmaps, Vendor Contract Negotiations and much more.


The Pronotia Library contains volumes of reports, research, analyses and key findings to help you manage your entire IT operation. Here you will find articles for the senior managers trying to understand and govern their IT operations, as well as technical information for the IT professional.


The Pronotia Tools section provides the most immediate solutions for both the IT professional as well as the senior business leader. Here you will find toolkits, templates, forms, worksheets, etc. - all designed to be used and implemented immediately, with little or no customization.

Tthe most popular tools includes a Disaster Recovery Template, Project Management Toolkit and Information Security Checklist.

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