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Pronotia Technology Optimization Program™ (TOP)
 The Pronotia TOP™ Model

The Technology Optimization Program is:

  • A consistent, proven methodology developed and used by the Pronotia team across multiple industries and markets - defined and refined over many years to deliver the best results with the shortest turnaround time.

  • A flexible, fluid program designed to offer mutiple degrees of detail to match the level of specificity, budget requirements, and operating philosophy unique to your business.

  • A modular, targeted anaysis of your IT organization, resulting in pragmatic, useful metrics and solutions that you can implement right away - many of which will require little or no additional help (or fees).

         A common approach to all engagements:

  • Listen to the client’s needs, business model, vision, goals
  • Gather information and key data points
  • Evaluate initial findings and establish desired outcome

  • Define specific goals, quantifiable metrics, success factors
  • Counsel on proposed next steps, value add, high-level strategy
  • Gain executive support and consensus among stakeholders

  • Implement the strategy and associated action plans
  • Measure and Report as defined by the goals and success factors
  • Refine the operations based on reporting, feedback, and alignment

The Technology Optimization Program is NOT:

  • A "cookie-cutter" template pulled off the shelf and re-used at each client, then cleverly rebranded to appear unique to your business. This practive is very common among most consulting groups as an effort to produce fast results and yiuld high margins. Unfortunately, the analysis and subsequent results match the effort and very little is ultimately gained (but it all looks so nice).

  • An over engineered effort to run up a lot of time and dollars, resulting in myriad documents, too many data points, all with a large operational impact to your organization.

  • A high level, lofty analysis that reveals little useful information, deployable advice or practical solutions, with a large price tag and a sales pitch to "dig deeper".



Who can benefit most from the Pronotia TOP?

Any organization, business unit, or senior leader that is looking to improve the IT operational efficiency, manage IT expenses, and assess the overall technology under your control. The Pronotia TOP is designed to scale from the small business up to the large enterprise. The proven solutions, streamlined processes, and innovative strategies developed over several decades within the Pronotia team will add value and bring back the confidence you need in your IT operations. The ideal candidate is...


The Executive Business Leader seeking a trusted partner with enterprise experience at the highest levels - beyond just technology - to help evaluate and optimize their IT operations to deliver the operational efficiencies that will differentiate the organization.

Senior Executives seeking the guidance of IT executives with the business acumen and financial understanding to put their technology operations into the correct alignment and create the value-add necessary for their competitive advantage.

The CEO, CFO, COO seeking answers to questions about technology strategies and opportunities to grow their business using today's ever-expanding pallet of IT tools and solutions.

The Senior IT Manager, IT Executive, or CIO looking for external and impartial expert guidance from a team of seasoned professionals offering proven advice, solutions, and partnerships.

Any business professional who does not have access to a Chief Information Officer and would like to seek the counsel of proven IT Executives - independent consultants supporting their best interests, not those of the vendor or service provider.


 10 Mission Critical Questions...
...every IT organization needs to fully understand and manage to:

What is the IT spend as compared to the company's annual revenue? What should it be?

When were the internal or external SLAs / SLOs last reviewed? Are there any ? Are they adding value?

What is the complexity quotient of the IT organization?

When was the last Business Continuity test? Is there a plan? Who last reviewed it?

What is the technology refresh cycle? What should it be?

How much is spent on application development? Is that the right amount?

What is the 12, 24, and 36-month IT Strategy Plan?
Why is it necessary?

What is the IT sourcing strategy? Are we receiving the value and superior service we're paying for?

What IT reports do we receive on a regular basis? Is it enough to govern the IT organization? How can a Balanced Scorecard help?

How do we manage change in our organization? Why is it important?



The Pronotia IT Consulting Services provides direct interaction with one of our enterprise technology professionals, offering a comprehensive suite of assessments, analyses, and solutions - all geared to pay for themselves through quantifiable metrics in operational efficiency, expense reductions, and revenue growth opportunities.

The Pronotia TOP™ offers a comprehensive assessment of your IT function, while the Pronotia Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis quantifies the hidden, and sometimes, underestimated costs of some of today's most used technologies. Other services include a Staffing Analysis, Sourcing Strategies, Roadmaps, Vendor Contract Negotiations, and much more...


The Pronotia Library contains volumes of reports, research, analyses, and key findings to help you manage your entire IT operation. Here you will find articles for the senior managers trying to understand and govern their IT operations, as well as technical information for the senior IT professional.

Some of the articles are free for you to download, peruse, and share with your colleagues, while others will require a fee to download and may not be shared outside your organization. The fee-based articles provide significantly more detail and are geared to provide immediate opportunities for optimization and expense management. These articles generally will pay for themselves many times over.


The Pronotia Tools section provides the most immediate solutions for both the IT professional as well as the senior business leader. Here you will find toolkits, templates, forms, worksheets, templates, etc. - all designed to be used and implemented immediately, with little or no customization.

Some examples of the most popular tools includes a Disaster Recovery Template, Project Management Toolkit, and the Information Security Checklist. But there are so many more...

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